My name is Nestor Vazquez and I am from the small island Puerto Rico, located in the Caribbean. Living here has been one of the main reasons for picking up photography as one can take pictures all year long. The first time I picked up a camera was as a kid and it was an old Panasonic Hi-8 video camera, me and my buddies would record home videos as we grew up, I guess it was at that age that my interest for art and storytelling began. So how is this related to my current photography? Well simply put, my passion is telling stories through photographs. Be it a wedding or a special event, I enjoy capturing the stories that are going on that day. I love documenting a loving smile, a kind gesture and the small things that make photography great. So whenever I photograph a wedding I aim to capture those things. Things that you will value forever.



Well, quite simply, a documentary wedding photographer focuses on telling a story. For me, it’s about creating a series of images that tell the tale of your wedding day. You may look at my wedding photography on this website and see that my work is different to “the traditional wedding photographer”, but I sometimes have to explain my thought processes and methods for obtaining the images that I do get for my clients. This genre of photography has several different names; wedding photojournalism, documentary wedding photography and reportage wedding photography.